New Trio acoustic album in February

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In a recent interview, Matt Skiba, frontman of The Alkaline Trio, announced that the band will be releasing a full-band acoustic album in February. Skiba is currently promoting his full-length solo album, Demos. The band released their 7th album, This Addiction, last spring.

Fans of the band know that they usually add some stripped down songs into their albums, and both Skiba and Dan Andriano, the bass player and other vocalist, play their own acoustic material.

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Neil Young Still Making ‘Noise’

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Neil Young’s new album sounds like nothing he has ever done, and nothing I have ever heard before.

The legendary folk-singer/rock and roll front man has released his new album, Le Noise, with Grammy-winning producer Daniel Lanois. The album feature just Neil, his voice, and a mix of electric and acoustic guitars. It was recorded in a large room in Lanois’ home in Silver Lake California. The result of a striped down Neil Young, a large acoustical room, and one of the most innovative producers in the business is a sonic masteriece.

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Tom Waits nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Finally.

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has finally got it.

Tom Waits, the legendary musician, singer, songwriter, and actor, has finally been nominated for induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 2011 class. Waits, released his first album in 1973 and has since released 22 albums – including full movie soundtracks – acted in films, written for musical theatre, and has been covered by the Ramones, Johnny Cash, the Eagles, and Allison Krauss. Why has it taken so long for Waits to be inducted?

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Providence’s “Ruins debut new video”

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Providence, RI based metal band Ruins have debuted their first music video for the song Ladies Night Ain’t Free.

The video includes a staged performance of the band playing interspersed with clips of a party, which was shot at the singer’s house (also my brother’s house – he is the singers roommate). If you like metal or local bands, click read more for some more info and the video.

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Nine Bullets on the election

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I was on the blog (which is over in my blogroll) and there was an interesting little article about one man’s experience with voting. He included a video of  Tim Barry playing a version of “Avoiding catatonic surrender” from his first album Rivanna Junction.

The song includes the line “I hate republicans, I hate democrats, I hate liberals too/I think pacifists are weak/and violence is wrong/but I go limp for police/and fight when it’s called for”. In the video, he preaches about how real change comes not from voting, but from people working hard and taking care of their families right before he sings this line. These themes are repeated alot in Barry’s music, which is mostly simple acoustic singalongs.

I commented on the video, so I’m posting this so that people can go over and check out this blog post and video, which I think is pretty interesting. Check it out here.

Kickstart “The Only Sons”

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Murfreesboro, TN rock band The Only Sons are trying an interesting new way to release their new album – asking their fans for donations.

For an independent band, mastering a record can be the hardest part of the recording process. The recording and mixing can be done for relatively cheap, but finding a good producer to master the record is expensive. Luckily, there are websites like, a place where bands, businesses, or just people can fund their creative projects.

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The Hold Steady Show Review

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Last week, I posted about The Hold Steady playing at The Met Cafe in Pawtucket, RI. I had never seen them before, but heard that they have one the best live shows in music today. I went out to the show with some friends and was not at all let down.

The energy and passion of the band is what makes The Hold Steady’s live show so powerful. The lead singer, Craig Finn, hops around stage barely playing his guitar and sings in a hand-waving, freestyle way. The vocals on their albums are almost rhythmically-spoken short stories, and this comes through in their performance as Finn leaves out or inserts words and allows the crowd to do the singing at times.

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